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Vacant properties and abandoned houses are scattered throughout Central City, attracting crime, decreasing real estate values and contributing to a feeling of a declining neighborhood. By more carefully managing vacant land, Jericho Road beautifies these properties and contributes to positive multiplier effects within the community.  These effects include decreased crime, improved neighborhood satisfaction and a heightened motivation of other property owners to maintain their property. All of these potential benefits will also ensure increased property values.

The Work

Jericho Road’s starting strategy is simple:

  • Clear empty lot of trash, old foundations, rotted trees, and damaged fencing
  • Level lots and build a semi-transparent fence around the perimeter
  • Plant trees along the edge of the properties
  • Regularly maintain lots with mowing, watering, weed-removal and trash clean-up

Eight properties in Phase 1 (Faubourg Delassize) of Jeircho Road’s target development area is where we’ve started.  Demolitions and perimeter fencing are complete on all eight properties!!

Our Goal

Jericho Road’s vacant land management program at first focuses on small improvements for a limited number of lots.  Our goal is for the program to eventually expand and tackle all undeveloped Jericho Road properties. At minimum, maintenance will include demolition and cleaning, fencing and planting some vegetation. On the more highly-visible properties (such as corner lots), activity will be increased with more dramatic alterations such as community gardens or larger, more mature trees.

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Site Strategies for New Orleans" »




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