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The Buckleys

Leo buckley, a native of Central City, and an employee of Delta Petroleum purchased his home from Jericho Road in February 2008.

Mr. Buckley learned about Jericho Road from his barber. Slim’s Barbershop has been sharing Jericho Road flyers with their clients and Mr. Buckley was lucky enough to get one.

After watching Jericho Road’s first homes on Philip Street go up, Mr. Buckley said to himself that it was time for him to have a home. He never thought this was a real possibility until now.

Mr. Buckley’s family fell in love with 2852 Dryades and just had to have it. After a long process and exhibiting tons of pa-tience and determination, Mr. Buckley was able to close on his new home. Mr. Buckley said that working with Jericho Road was smooth sailing.

The location is close to everything the family needs…their children’s’ school, public transportation and even the Mardi Gras Parade Route! With little flooding potential and close to the center of the city, this house is perfect for Mr .Buckley and his family.

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