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The Smith-Johnson Home

smiths homeRose Johnson and Herman Smith, are a couple who had lived in the neighborhood for 17 years before they bought their Jericho Road home in April 2008. Rose, a housekeeper, kept an eye on the lot for years, and would tell her children that if there was ever a house on the lot next door she was go-ing to buy it. As soon as the house went up Rose “claimed it” by sitting on the porch and telling the construction workers it was going to be hers. They told Rose there already was a buyer—she didn't mention that it was her. Upon finally receiving the keys to her own home, Rose and Herman were thrilled to have their dream come true.

Rose and Herman love their neighborhood for its location and convenience and the friendliness of their neighbors. Since 2009, Rose has been highly involved in community events, participating in fo-cus groups to plan the Saratoga Street Brownfield and helping to plan neighborhood celebrations.


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