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The Triggs Home

Myra triggs is a life long New Orleanian. Since Hurricane Katrina she has been living with her son on the West Bank in New Or-leans just waiting for the right opportunity to “get her own home.”

Mrs. Triggs was steadfast in her search for the right place to call home. Before she knew it, she was tell-ing her son she had the keys to her new place! In Spring 2008 she closed on her home.

1933 Sixth Street is in the middle of a quiet block where Jericho Road has built or is in the process of building 5 other homes. Despite some minor discouragement from some folks, Mrs. Triggs is very pleased with her street and her community!

Mrs. Triggs was able to take advantage of a soft sec-ond mortgage program that was being offered in New Orleans for low income working families and individuals.


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